Land Pooling Policy

Land Pooling Policy

People need a home for living in peace and sanctity. With the ever-increasing population there is this dire requirement of developing affordable homes for accommodating people. The present population number is expected to reach around eight million by 2021. Under Master Plan Delhi 2021 or MPD 2021, there are affordably-priced residential developments being designed with the sole objective of providing top quality and world class housing units to Delhi people. The Delhi Development Authority or the DDA has taken firm steps towards solving the accommodation requirements of the growing population of the national capital in collaboration with MPD 2021. The state government, central government and the DDA have come together for implementing Master Plan Delhi 2021 thus serving the motive of offering well-designed and comfortable residences to the people of Delhi.

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DDA or Delhi Development Authority was developed in 1957. The main reason behind the creation of this wing was taking complete care of the accommodation needs of the ever-increasing population of the national capital. The authority was also developed for bringing in new housing units with top quality amenities and facilities. There are private real estate development firms that generally take care of the interior construction of housing units but the DDA is an authority that takes complete care of the exterior construction of these units throughout Delhi in a very safe and secure manner. There are more and more of these units being developed in Delhi under the land pooling policy considering the fact that Delhi serves as the hub for colleges, political activities and large-scale business in India. Property developers in Delhi are developing properties as per the land pooling policy in order to make it easier for the people of the middle and the low income groups to acquire home ownership in the national capital.

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Important Characteristics of the Master Plan Delhi 2021

Master Plan Delhi 2021 has been implemented with the objective of covering the gap that lies between the demands for housing apartments. The plan will do this by providing housing developments consisting of more than twenty-four lakh units which will be available to two million individuals. Home ownership will be available to people under the land pooling policy while development companies will be providing these homes within affordable prices. This would come as the right solution for the accommodation issues of the people of Delhi.

One of the major problems faced in meeting the future requirements of people is coming up with a large number of housing units for people to live high quality and safe lives. If professionals in this field are to be believed, there is more than 24, 000 hectares of land that needs to be developed as housing units by way of the MPD 2021. Covering up this land with good quality residential units could easily do away with the problem of providing high quality housing spaces. The LPP or lad pooling policy comes with the capability of developing four million square feet of residential, public and commercial property. It is also to be noted that by way of LPP, development companies can actually develop approximately 1 million housing units within a time span of 10 years.

The LPP Structure

As per guidelines, DE and PE property owners shall have the eligibility of acquiring assistance that comes from the land pooling policy. Basic principles guiding the MPD 2021 structure and implementation are actually transforming the national capital into a world class metropolitan city. Here, it would be worth noting that the Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd is the pioneer is carrying out development projects of the best quality. The main objective is having the infrastructure and the environment for enabling people to lead a comfortable and high standard life.

MPD 2021 and Its Major Benefits

Property development firms in the national capital have this obligation of developing all commercial and residential properties under the Master Plan Delhi 2021. The property development project plans and policies for varied activities such as commercial corridor, group housing and residential township have been clearly put down by the Delhi Development Authority. The most integral parts of this plan are commercial offices and retail stores. According to reports, twenty lakh housing apartments shall be constructed in different zones. Master Plan Delhi 2021 is completely aimed towards developing a wide range of employment opportunities for the people of Delhi. The brand new land pooling policy that comes from the Delhi Development Authority gives property developers the flexibility of acquiring land for the purpose of residential and commercial development from property owners and farmers. LPP envisages itself in the form of a mechanism by way of which pooled land shall effectively be used for developing physical and social infrastructure.